Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Benefits of Shopping Locally

I believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible because local businesses are in many ways the backbone of rural communities.I am willing to spend a little more money if necessary to support local businesses throughout the year. Wal-Mart won't stay open late to help me get a pipe for a repair so we can have water all weekend, but the locally owned and operated ACE Hardware has waited on me when I have made that call.

J. C. Grant Company Jewelers will check my jewelry and clean it at no cost when I stop in. By "trading" with them (as my grandparents said) for decades, they know what we like, what we don't like, and help us make good decisions when we need guidance. And Mr. Grant, Sr. likes to egg me on about our political differences (how many jewelers know where their customers stand politically?).

I did my fair share of holiday shopping online, but I already knew local businesses didn't have or can't get what I was hunting. It was easy and fast, and the gifts are waiting to be wrapped. But Amazon won't ever ask me who I like in the next Lt. Governor's race. Mr. Grant already knows.          

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