Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rural Georgia Just Can't Help Itself

I saw this via Twitter and blog post  last night, did some checking around, and unfortunately it seems to be what Grace Baptist Church in Hazlehurst intended for their sign, not a photoshop effort. I agree that the intent of this sign is not just a "vote him out" message if you read the fuller version of this passage in the Bible. Wishing any child to be fatherless, or a woman to be a widow, goes beyond the bounds of civil engagement.  

This church is known for controversial, and often hurtful, language on their signs based on what I have read. it reflects so poorly on all Christians, and Baptists in particular who do not share such mean-spirited and narrow views.

The church's email address bounces but the minister's does not. It is The church didn't answer nor have voicemail when I called to confirm the email address.

I agree with Georgia Politico that the local leaders should respond to this. It reflects poorly on their community. I suppose it would be a stretch to hope that any Baptist organization might come forward and denounce this type of hate speech.

At the very least, the church should lose its non-profit status based on improper political action prohibited by 501 (C) (3) guidelines. Perhaps there is also some value into a little "look see' by the FBI or Secret Service for making threats.    

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