Monday, October 31, 2011

Hate SpewMaster Sponsors and Higher Math

Not being a Neal Boortz fan, and preferring to not be incensed all the time by listening to him or reading what he spews on the internet, I wasn't totally surprised when I read today via Blog for Democracy that Boortz tweeted earlier today: "If you haven't been charged with sexual harassment ... your 'nads haven't dropped yet."

Since it has been a while since I had looked at the Spewmaster's web site, I went there to see which companies have paid links there. In the upper right hand column there is an advertisement FOR A WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE CLASS! 

I need to puzzle over the math here but I am pretty sure that calculus or any other method won't get the math right on this one: Neal Boortz thinks that unless a male has sexually harassed a women he isn't a man.   Companies like Ackerman Security and Chinese Shailon Center in Atlanta, who are sponsoring the workshop, are in the business of helping protect women from attacks. And yet they spend money to sponsor Boortz. 

I just spoke with a very nice woman at Ackerman who is following up on this and seemed to be just as upset as I am. She said someone would call me back.

In the mean time, if I were an Ackerman customer, I would cancel my contract with them and urge anyone I know, especially women, to do the same. The math just doesn't add up.    

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