Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Co-op members expect more than a pat on the head

Washington EMC co-op members may have been pleasantly surprised when they found dividend checks in the mail this week. The checks come two weeks before Christmas, and while it isn't a large check (just under $35.00) I am glad to have the extra cash before the holidays.

But the check didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy, despite its unexpected arrival in the mailbox. It kind of feels icky, like the Board knows the members are really unhappy, and we aren't going to tolerate the way things have been done in the past. Did they send us a dividend just before Christmas to take the edge off member unhappiness with the Board's interaction with members? Is the check a pat on the head like the Grinch gave Cindy Lou Who when he gave her a glass of water and sent her back to bed so he could continue to steal every bit of Christmas from her house?

Just simple coincidence to arrive 12 days before Santa gets here? How would we know? Board meeting minutes and financials aren't readily available to the members, so we don't know if the Board felt the hot breath of the members on their necks and decided to distract us with a little money just before Christmas.

The members are not easily fooled or placated. Our eyes are wide open.We turned a corner at the October Member Meeting and the Board knows it too. WEMC leaders can embrace better governance now and lead the way among EMCs in Georgia, or they can dig in their heels and hide behind a closed door. The choice is theirs. And Santa is watching to see who is being good.

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